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Do you meditate?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

This practice is not a new concept but it is certainly becoming more and more popular in recent years. Search 'meditation' in your App store and you will find many results all telling us how to achieve the peace we are all seeking. There are many schools of thought on the subject but some are in danger of making it seem overly academic and quite frankly, stressful!

So we have simplified the how and the why...

How to meditate

  1. Number One piece of advice: get comfy! Comfortable clothes, comfortable sitting position (do not lie down, you might fall asleep), comfortable surroundings, comfortable body (have a drink of water or tea before you begin).

  2. Focus on something consistent: most people find it easiest to use their own breath for their focal point (but you could use a flickering candle light for example).

  3. For 10-15 minutes in the morning, just sit where you won't be distracted or interrupted and as you breathe, bring your focus to your breath. When a thought comes (and it will) just acknowledge it and refocus on your breath. If at any point you feel frustrated or that it is not working, just let it go and try again the next morning. You may find it best to set an alarm.

  4. Be patient: if you are new to this, it may take some time to get used to quieting your mind. It is human nature after all to seek a thought to focus on but with daily practise, it will get easier and you will look forward to that sweet moment when you feel yourself let go.

Why Meditate?

When you meditate, you release thought and given that a lot of us are thinking thoughts that feel stressful or worrisome; letting go of these, even for 15 minutes a day will start to bring a change in how you feel. You may feel lighter, more energised and become more aware of your breath, recognising when you aren't breathing deeply as you go throughout your day. As you continue to practise you may find yourself feeling more positive and a sense of general happiness and wellbeing will ensue as you reconnect with your natural state of being. It can be similar to how you may have felt as a child.

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