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(De)Motivational advice

Updated: Feb 25

We have reached the era of peak motivational advice. We were already well on our way but the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated things and the situation is now getting out of hand.

With that in mind, I bring a short PSA intended to help anyone who needs some relief from the daily barrage. It may be soothing to you but I promise it will definitely not motivate you:

  1. It is OK to stay in bed all day long. In fact it's quite nice. Try it.

  2. It is OK to call it meditation when deep down, you know it is just snoozing.

  3. It is OK to ignore your to-do list. In fact, it is even OK to avoid actually writing the to-do list and then existing in an endless spiral between needing to write the list and not doing anything because you haven't written the list yet.

  4. It is OK to eat processed food from time to time. Relax.

  5. It is OK to call it yoga practice when really you just did 15 minutes of shavasana.

The reason why I know it is OK is because like all moods, states, pandemics, this too shall pass. For now though, let yourself be as you are, compare yourself to no-one and accept that life ebs and flows, and so do you.

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